30 December 2005


We loaded the fam and the dog into the minivan and headed to Dallas/Fort Worth to celebrate Christmas with our families. We packed as light as we could AND put the car top carrier on.

The loot from Christmas for the girls wouldn't all fit for the trip home.

Who can spell spoiled?


MommaKim said...

Do you kids now ask everyone they meet, "Do you have a present for me?"...Niko does! Where did we go wrong???

Anne said...

Yes, our house is also overcrowded right now - still looking for opportunities to chuck things out. . . .

And unfortunately, several folks apparently "missed the memo" about "PLEASE!!!! NO HUGE PIECES OF GARISH PLASTIC JUNK!!!!!!"

Where do they think we can put this stuff in here?

MommaKim said...

Did anyone in your families get the memo about "No noise making contraptions"??? We even got (gasp)books with really annoying sound buttons to "enhance the story telling experience"....Ugh