14 January 2006

Charlie Brown

On the way to Vespers this evening, middle daughter was chanting some of the prayers we say with her at bedtime. Every other phrase ended with 'Charlie Brown'.

I think she might be a bit confused.

Eldest daughter does a hand clap/slap game with friends that goes....
I went downtown to see Charlie Brown
He gave me a nickel to buy me a pickle
The pickle was sour so he gave me a flower

Or maybe she is not confused and was just lifting Charlie Brown up in prayer.

How does one discern these things?

1 comment:

Anne said...

Sounds like Charlie Brown could use the help actually. . . .

Criminally Insane Boy #1 used to "read the gospel" all the time, always starting with "And Jesus said. . . " and then quickly descending into something about pigs and monsters. . . .

They eventually sort it out - until then, God understands!