03 January 2006


When I was a child I only remember one time of being grounded. I'm sure there were more, but I only remember this one. A friend of mine and I used an entire container of baby powder all over my room. It was so fun to see the white poufs as they went out of the container onto the floor. Before long the entire room was covered with fine white dust. Needless to say my parents were not pleased.

Well, I came home from grocery shopping today and smelled baby powder the minute I walked in the door. On Daddy's watch, the 3.5 year old had a blast with the baby powder. She was covered as well as a good portion of the 16 month old's room.

I'm sure this was a direct result from all the times my folks told me, 'I hope you have children exactly like you.'

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Simply Victoria said...

wow. I have a similar childhood story. mine has a twist; I used to cover my little brother with it (I was 3, he was 2), then smack the top of his head and roll on the ground laughing at the clouds of talcum 'smoke' that would explode off of his noggin.
still makes me laugh.
then sure enough, my daughter did the same to her little brother.
history, it seems, is determined to repeat itself.