26 January 2006

Skate Night

Tuesday was Skate Night for the first grader's school. She wanted to go so I decided it might be fun. I hadn't planned on skating myself, but she convinced me to get the skates on. I was shocked at how well I remembered how to roller skate.

While there, Daddy took the little ones to Half Price Books. He let them get a SpongeBob DVD for our trip to Dallas. Fun for him because he's not going. They have watched it some already. The best episode on the disc is 'Texas'. Sandy the Squirrel is from Texas and gets homesick. Patrick and SpongeBob work really hard to convince her to stay. Unfortunately the preschooler loves the 'Ripped Pants' episode. Now she runs around saying, 'I ripped my pants!' Daddy may never live this down.

1 comment:

MommaKim said...

Roller skate! Until I read that I was picturing the two of you on the ice!
God speed on your journey