14 June 2006

S is 4

Today, my Flag Day baby turned 4.

She is definately still our 'Texas Tornado', so full of energy and giggles. I can still remember the day she was born. She didn't want to wait for the doctor but I convinced her to wait the 20 minutes. He ran in, scrubbed his hands and there she was. Perfect in every way.

S had her two best friends meet us at Chuck E. Cheese for dinner. We had a blast!


Oregon Momma said...

Happy birthday Sophia!! I miss your fun personality and crazy giggle. Maybe someday our family will vacation in Texas and get to visit you.

Love Maddy Haan (from St. Vladimir's, but now I'm in Portland)

Kim said...

Happy birthday Sophia. Thanks for letting us celebrate with you, we all had a great time.
Spencer's mommy