20 June 2006

Victory for G

Naptime yesterday was an adventure.

I went upstairs after I fed the girls lunch to put G down for nap. I returned to the table to finish my lunch with hubby. G has always been a bit of a chatterer before finally falling asleep. Today was a bit different.

After a few moments, we heard G laughing. It was crystal clear, not muffled at all through the door. Hmmmmm......

Hubby and I exchanged knowing glances.

The rest of the family headed to the stairs.

Standing at the top in victory was G. She was so proud of herself. Not only can she crawl out of her crib, but she can open her door.

After we scolded G and finally got her down to sleep, we brainstormed ideas how to keep her in the crib.

The girls had some pretty creative ideas:
*a box put on top of the crib
*the dog kennel

Since I doubt CPS would like those options, I think we're going to try a big girl bed. Or at least a big girl mattress on the floor. Now we just need to think of ways to keep her for emptying the contents of her dresser all over her room.

Faithful readers.....any ideas?

G joined us this morning for breakfast.
Out of the crib, out of her closed door and down the stairs.
She was so happy with herself.


Kinder Teacher said...

Our priest has these magnetic child proofing mechanisms on his cabinets and drawers in the kitchen. They are so cool! There is a master magnet that stays out of reach of kiddos and then you use that to slide a magnetic latch out of the way so the kids can't get into whatever. Sound good?

Diane Kucera said...

the toddler bed or mattress is definitely the way to go. Matthew surprised us doing the same thing and for fear that he'd do himself an injury (LOL) we moved him to a Twin. Sure was hard in the beginning - he was only 13 months, but worked out in the end.

I do, however, love the dog crate idea! LOL!

Kim said...

We have Caden in "baby prison" as I like to call it. Its a crib tent that zips up and keeps him in. Well it's supposed to ----- except that he has torn a big hole it in now...sigh!!!
I know you can get them for pack and plays too.

Elizabeth said...

I don't know...we never had a crib, our babies slept with us until they were toddlers, then went into a regular bed. So I'd say a mattress on the floor would be good, or on a low frame.

Or maybe she'd be happier if she can just get herself out of her own crib and room, more of a challenge?

Anonymous said...

Hi - wonder if G is trying to outdo S as the Texas Tornado!!!!

Queen Mother

MommaKim said...

She may not try and do it again for a while. Little Miss M occasionally gets out of her crib, but then won't do it again for a few weeks preferring to bellow for us to come get her!

Aunt Keri said...

Just let her roam the house (remember when y'all would find S watching TV at 2am???). OR--you could let her sleep with S! If it makes you feel any better, our pediatrician suggested we put up a baby gate at B1's door--like he couldn't climb over THAT if he could already climb out of the crib!