10 August 2006


When looking over my recent posts, I noticed S has been short changed. She has become quite the caretaker. Her baby joins us for dinner each night and sleeps in the baby bunkbed right next to her bed. She gives her bright red puppy food and water each night and makes him a little alcove to sleep in near her bed.

We have had several issues recently about car safety. S thinks her baby needs to use G's carseat. I explain each time that G has to use the car seat. After much wailing, I convince her that using the lapbelt will be safe for the baby. S loves it when J isn't with us because that frees up J's booster. She also likes it when we need to take both cars on an errand. You see, Daddy has two extra carseats in his car. S will watch intently to be sure Daddy buckles in the baby safely before we are allowed to leave. She is definitely a cutie!

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