01 August 2006


I love our home here in Texas.

However, since we have lived here a year, there are a couple things I want to change.

First on the list is in the upstairs bathroom. This is the bathroom my three girls use. These are the same girls who drop toothpaste, splash like mad in the tub and go wild when left unattended with hair care products. The problem you see, is that this bathroom has carpet.

Yesterday we went by Lowes to return some extra painting supplies from our church workday. We decided to swing by the flooring department. We have decided to put down vinyl since it is easy to install. Since the bathroom is upstairs and the house is new, we didn't want to invest in tile and have it crack if the house settles anymore.

While looking at the various options, the most helpful Lowes employee I have ever met approached us. He asked if we needed any assistance. We told him our plan. He directed us to the pre-cut vinyl section. These are remnants from the end of rolls. He asked if any of these would work for us. Since the bathroom is so small (the size of this bathroom will surely become the topic of a blog entry years from now when I have three teenage girls sharing it), all of them were big enough. He told us to choose one and he could cut us a deal.

We chose a nice 'fake tile' vinyl with light stone tiles that are multi-colored. It fits my main criteria...it is textured a bit so it won't be too slippery and it should hide dirt well.

It was marked $34.97. The helpful associate asked if $3 would be acceptable. What? Sure! He took out his sharpie marker and wrote the new price on the packaging along with his initials. I think this qualifies as my 'Deal of the Week'.

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MommaKim said...

three bucks? That's it? How do you do this...and with some regularity? You need to come visit again and rub this off on me...or shop for me and ship it. I need window coverings..Esme is on a Hot Pink and Lime Green kick.....