25 January 2007

Knock Knock. Hello? Are You There?

Yes, dear readers, I am indeed alive and well down in wet, soggy south Texas.

Insanely busy, but well.

Along with the usual stuff that keeps me busy (laundry, cooking, cleaning, chauffering, etc.), I'm taking a four hour Information Access and Retrieval class along with a one hour Information Leadership course.

Both classes are fascinating. They started with four solid days of class time here in south Texas over the MLK weekend. The course work continues with assignments throughout the semester.

Assignments....oh my!

Our first assignment in Access is to read 197 pages of material along with two websites and summarize all that material in 500 words.

Done. Score: 5 out of 5.

There are 3 more assignments just like that one. Together, these four assignments count for only 15% of the total grade. Wow. I'm tired already.

We also have to answer 135 information hunt questions. This involves going to the library to answer the research type questions and detail how we found the answer.

We have to evaluate 50 research sources of different types. Encyclopedias, bibliographies, catalogs, government documents, etc.

Our final project is to create an information resource website within our group.

Throw in a class participation element and I'm worn out already.

Is it May 2 yet?


Elizabeth said...

Wow, you are busy! I thought just adding a two hour/ week non-credit Spanish class was a lot.

Could you explain what exactly is Information Access and Retrieval? And what's Information Leadership?

Kim said...

Wow, you are making me tired just reading what you are up to.
You are doing an amazing job though!!!
We do need to find some "spare" time to get together.