16 November 2007

Third Grade Program

Last Friday (I know...I'm behind), the third graders presented a Veteran's Day program.

It was fabulous!

During October, each third grader wrote about what America means to them. Each teacher picked two student's compositions to be included in the program.

J was honored to be chosen and did a wonderful job reciting it aloud.

Interspersed with the compositions were patriotic songs.

The program ended with a slide presentation honoring all the veterans in our children's lives. Many of the veterans were at the program, too.

It brought me to tears. You all would have been so proud of J and all her friends.

Here is J's composition:


F is for freedom that we can say what we wish.
R is for rights that we have.
E is for equality that makes us equal.
E is for electing our president so we can have a good leader.
D is for democracy our nation was founded on.
O is for the opportunities we have.
M is for the mighty soldiers that serve our country.

I love America!

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Anonymous said...

We are proud of J too....great job J!

Queen Mother