05 May 2008

What a Cutie!

A new nephew born today! I'm gonna call him Baby SD on my blog (until he's old enough to tell me he's not a baby anymore).

My brother and his wife are first time parents. Pray for them. And drink a Cinco de Mayo beer in their honor.

The girls are super excited, although they wanted a girl cousin since they only have one girl cousin now and four stinky boy cousins. :)


Michele Bonewell said...

He's precious! I know he definitely has a very proud Aunt D!

Now, where are the photos of your pinata hat?!?!

MommaKim said...

What a cutie. He is so gorgeous!.
Congratulations, Auntie :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pic Aunt D, give mom and dad our best from the yayas

Matushka said...


Now, is it my imagination or does this little fellow look like your number two? You know, the curly headed one. :)

M. Michelle