15 July 2008

Gotta Love the Library

Our public library puts on some AWESOME shows during the summer. Today, Clint 'the Snake Man' came for a visit.

The girls loved the snakes, especially this Albino Burmese python. His name was Hurricane Jack because he is a Katrina refugee.

Too cool.


ASC said...

We adore the library! If we drive by the building and do not stop, E actually cries! I've been taking her to weekly storytime since before her first birthday. Gotta love it!

Matushka said...

O.K. I thought the B. girls were nutty, but this picture confirms it!! ;) Yikes!

M. Michelle

Anonymous said...

Hey I ditto m. michelle. Yucko to snakes. Fun seeing you last weekend.


Mama Jenny said...

Ack! Big pythons in such close proximity to little goddaughters freak me out! :D