01 October 2009

Field Trips

Our school district has provided each of the girls with a fantastic field trip this week.
On Monday, J visited Greenwood Furnace State Park and worked on science and social studies. For science, they learned to test the pH of liquids. They used this knowledge to test the water of the stream in the area. They also identified the macro-invertebrates from the stream. They used both pieces of information to judge the quality of the stream. Turns out the stream is quite healthy! For social studies, they helped with the archaeological excavation of the area. The site had 90 buildings during the mid-19th century. Although few are standing today, the school district and park authority are studying the ruins to get a better understanding of life in the area during that time. The kids learned how to chart findings and how context shapes understanding. Fabulous!

On Wednesday, S visited Reptiland. Although I didn't accompany them (this is a stock photo from this summer), she reported that it was "the best field trip ever". Her favorite part was the bus ride on the charter bus complete with movies AND toilet. She got to pet an alligator and see butterflies up close.

Today, G headed out to Way Fruit Farm. Founded in 1875, this lovely fruit farm boasts 30 varieties of apples. The Jonagold was created by a member of the family! Mr. and Mrs. Way (the 5th generation) helped give the tour. We learned about how they pick, wash, and sort the apples. We got to stand inside the cooler that keeps the apples fresh. At the end of the tour, each child got to fill a bag with fresh apples and take home a small container of fresh cider. Yum!

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E.B. said...

We followed you to Houston... keep posting stuff like this and you'll have family in PA!