07 February 2006


I think it is official now.

I 'hunt' more than my father.

'Hunting' for Dad and I involves Thrift Stores. His primary game is tractors. Mine varies with the season...clothes, housewares, toys, etc.

My most recent catch was a Remo Lollipop Drum. Sells for $19.95. It was marked $1 but toys were half off that day so I paid $0.50. Nice little Valentine's gift for the little one. Someone please remind me of this when she opens it and begins beating it.

Also found Oh Rats! for $2. The middle one loves this game at preschool. Now we can play with her at home.

In order to not leave out any daughters, our eldest just received Outburst Junior. I found it for $2 as well.

For myself I found a great Tiffany style pendant light for the kitchen. Our DR Horton home has lots of upgrades but not in the lighting department. We have bare bones light fixtures. Not anymore. Basil installed it same day. I paid $15.

As you can tell, I'm addicted.

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