08 February 2006

Oh, Where Are the Sippies?

Sung to the same tune as the Veggie Tales, 'Oh Where is My Hairbrush?'

While googling for those lyrics, I noticed this song comes in CD and a book format. Who knew? Anyway, the Veggie Tales and their soooo sappy rendition of Bible stories is a blog for another day.

Back to the sippies. We have 3 sippies in the cupboard. I am sure we have had up to 12 recently. Where are they? Middle one and I went on The Great Sippy Hunt this morning to no avail.

Checked the toy box, under the sofa, in Hubby's office trash, under the ottoman and in the van. Now the van usually nets several. Not today.

However, when looking there I noticed how dirty the van was. So we left early for speech and vacuumed out the car. Then I decided to use some quarters and spray off the car. That led to using a towel on the spots that didn't come clean once we were home. That, of course, led to a dust rag inside the van on the dash. Then on to Windex and paper towels on the windows.

So that got me thinking about all those Laura Numeroff books.

If you give a Mom a missing sippy, she'll want a clean car instead.

1 comment:

Elizabeth said...

Hee! Pretty funny. I'm like that too--I can't do something without finding something else I need to do first. Of course, that would explain why I can ask my kids to do something and find later that they've forgotten all about it because they saw something else to do just after starting....

And you'll probably find the sippies behind something filled with milk, in about 2 weeks. Ick.