16 May 2006


Many of my regular blog readers have emailed me asking if all is well here in Tejas. Rest assured, everything's fine. Busy, but fine.

I started my grad class this Saturday. I think the professor is the most eccentric prof I have ever had. You would not believe the stories he told. He spent the entire 8 hours of lecture going over the assignments for the class. He did lecture a bit on the topic of each assignment, but I think he might need ritalin.

Mother's Day Sunday was nice. The girls made me cards and helped Daddy install a new shelf in the pantry. We were going to grill steaks outside, but the Heavens opened and it poured all afternoon. The oven worked fine and we enjoyed steaks, grilled zucchini and watermelon. Yummy!

I have been trying to get a couple of the shorter assignments completed before summer vacation starts. I have submitted two so far. The most intriguing topic in this course is Intellectual Freedom. A comment in class was made that you must separate being a parent from being a librarian. Just because you wouldn't let your own kids read a certain book doesn't mean you have the right to remove it from the shelves. Hmmm....that one is going to take some mulling over.

I'm preparing this week to be 36. That takes some getting used to as well. Hubby has arranged a babysitter so I am trying to decide what we should do. Any suggestions from my blog readers?


Kinder Teacher said...

Seriously! A 7 day hiatus is much too lengthy... as if something is more important than those of us in your readership!! What about DiVinci Code and yummy dinner?

Texas Matushka said...

Yummy dinner is a must but if I choose a movie it might need to be MI-3. Something about action movies and being 36 that go together.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Dea! Sophia and her class had lunch in my class today, we had lots of fun.

MommaKim said...

Welcome to the 36 club! Go out for dinner at a restaurant that will let you linger. Have a leisurely dinner and just talk....NOT about the kids or church or work....reminice about what you thought you would be doing at 36 when you were in your twenties...talk about what you would like to be doing 10 years from now....
Order a great bottle of wine or two--you know me; everything is better with wine.
I remember having a really poignant moment while at a wedding with my husband. We were able to spend quite a bit of uninterupted time together **no kids** all of a sudden I looked at him and thought, "I really like this guy!" Of course I loved him, but I had forgetten that I really like him as a fellow human and best friend. *sigh* now today is my 15th wedding anniversary and I am at work with no hope of leaving anytime soon--and yes the chicken eating man is here--and no plans for the evening. Did I mention how much I LOVE being a poor priest's wife? Okay, now I am just rambling. Have a wonderful wonderful birthday and enjoy your time with your fabulous husband. And tell him he can't wear black!!! ;)

MeeMaw said...

Hope your birthday was memorable. I am thrilled to have you as my daughter-in-law.

Love ya,