07 October 2006

Croc Math

Yesterday, I took J and S shoe shopping. J needed brown shoes for an upcoming wedding and S went along for the ride. They both enjoy trying on every pair in their size and modeling them for me and each other.

Then the negotiations begin.

Can I have these? These are too cute, Mom! But, I need these for church. You get the idea.

S found a cute pair of knock-off crocs. You can see them here.

I agreed to pay half and let her use her allowance for the other half.

So with tax, they came to $14.07. I gave the cashier $7 from S's allowance wallet. I got my debit card ready for the rest. The cashier proceeded to get out a calculator. For several minutes she tried to determine how much I would owe on my debit. She called for backup. The backup couldn't help. I told her that I would owe her $7.07. She was amazed that I figured that out.

Give me a break!



Kinder Teacher said...

Where in the h-e-double hockey sticks are you shopping? If it's nearby, and these Einstein's grew up in the CISD where your children are/will be receiving their education, perhaps homeschooling isn't such a dismal option.

Kim said...

Tell me you are joking!?!
That is very sad.